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Thread and Mercury

Renaissance Dancer Cross Stitch Tapestry kit

Renaissance Dancer Cross Stitch Tapestry kit

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A modern tapestry kit inspired by sunny, blissful days on the beach! Designed as a companion for the Deco Diver, the Renaissance Dancer is perfect to frame and brighten up your wall once finished.

The kit comes in a box and includes a printed interlock canvas (12 holes per inch), a colour paper chart to double check the pattern against, Appletons crewel wools and a size 20 tapestry needle. Also included are easy to follow instructions on how to cross stitch. Whether you're new or experiences with tapestry, the Renaissance Dancer is a great motivational piece to get stitching with.

Once complete, you can be proud of having made your very own work of art! The finished size is approximately 30cmx42cm (A3).

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In the kit...

Appletons crewel wool (15 colours)

Printed 12hpi interlock canvas

Clear instructions

Paper chart to refer to

Size 20 tapestry needle

The Renaissance Dancer was designed as part of the Albion Design challenge and was inspired by the Renaissance painting "The Birth of Venus". Renaissance means ‘rebirth’ and in the painting the goddess Venus emerges from the sea onto the shore after her birth. If you’ve ever had a dip in the cold sea, you will know that you come out feeling refreshed and rejuvenated so it’s very true to life! Being on the beach with the sun and fresh air surrounding you also gives you this feeling so I thought it would be the perfect match for the renaissance theme. The figure is dancing in an elegant, yogic way which also represents revival.

Subtle details in the painting are the small flowers being blown by the wind God Zephyr which I have included in the design. Another thing which I love about Renaissance paintings are the rays of sunshine and the details to the clouds which I have also incorporated. The whale tail in the background is a personal touch!

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