Feed Your Senses

...and escape into a world full of colour, textures and creativity.

A good tapestry kit can take you to a place of relaxation and joy. Modern life makes it hard for us to switch off so we have to make a conscious effort to disconnect. Focusing on a single task and making something with your own hands allows our brains to have a break from the daily stresses. The repetitive nature of stitching means that once you’ve got into the swing of it, you barely have to think. Starting with a piece of canvas fabric, you can see the tapestry coming to life, colour by colour, stitch by stitch. Indulge in some "you" time and take pride in making a beautiful tapestry with your own hands. 


Rediscover the simple joys…
Stitching allows you to slow down and brings you into the present moment. Concentrate on breathing and it becomes a type of meditation. Slowing down is so important in this modern, fast-paced world and, when we do, we can really take the time to look closer and appreciate the smaller things in life. 
Thread and Mercury's tapestry kits are inspired by the beautiful world around us that is full of life and colour. The designs show a love for nature, style and art, making the kits a joy to stitch and a delight to behold in the home.


Get stitch happy...

Thread and Mercury offers tapestry kits with contemporary design at its core. Each kit is expertly designed and the colours are carefully picked for you to create a stunning finished piece that you can be proud of. Stitching a tapestry is an enjoyable way to boost your self esteem, relax and create. Let those endorphins loose and get stitch happy!


Thread and Mercury…
Yasmeen is the designer and founder of Thread and Mercury. With a background in fashion and textiles, she likes to look at current trends to influence her designs as well as keeping a timeless element. Yasmeen’s motto is “get stitch happy” because of the mindful nature of the craft and the sparks of happiness it brings to create something handmade. Established in 2020 with an Etsy shop, Yasmeen is continuing to grow Thread and Mercury by doing what she loves the most, designing and creating new tapestry kits.


Where to find us
Thread and Mercury is based in Reading, Berkshire. Reading is a vibrant town full of indie businesses and you might find a Thread and Mercury stall at the local Indie Market. Follow them on Instagram or Facebook to keep up to date.