The contents of a tapestry kit including wool and a printed canvas

Choosing the Right Tapestry Kit

Are you spoilt for choice and don't know which tapestry kit to go for? Then let me help you!
The Best Tapestry Kits for Beginners
If you're a beginner, then the best place to start is with a smaller sized kit. You could start with a printed canvas or a counted cross stitch kit with plain canvas, it's really a personal preference.
If you'd like to try out a tapestry kit with a printed canvas, then the Anchor kits are a great place to start. They are all worked in tent stitch, which is half a cross stitch and finish approximately 20cm x 20cm. The simple design and large blocks of colour allow you to really get to grips with the stitching technique. 
A close up of the modern tapestry kit design showing soft cotton threads using tent stitch.
The Alphabet designs are great little tapestry kits to start with if you'd like to try out the counted cross stitch method. The canvas is plain and the design comes on a piece of paper where each square represents one stitch. You simply count the stitches as you go along. These kits are worked in cross stitch using crewel wool making them good beginner kits for chunky cross stitch.
An intricately cross stitched tapestry featuring each letter of the alphabet in vibrant colours and adorned with floral patterns.
The Best Small Tapestry Kits
If you're looking for a small kit but something with a more sophisticated design then I'll point you towards the Bloom tapestry kits. These kits come with chunky tapestry wool and are worked in tent stitch. They are also available to buy as a canvas only if you'd like to get creative with your own colours, yarns and stitches. The Bloom tile has been designed so that it will match up with another if you'd like to add onto it to make a larger tapestry.
The Butterfly Tapestry Kit from the garden collection also makes a great little project and has more detail to it if you fancy something a little more challenging. The 12hpi canvas is printed and the kits come with Anchor soft cotton thread which makes them vegan friendly.
The Best Printed Canvas Tapestry Kits
Having the design printed onto the canvas is a favourite for many. You don't have to count the stitches and you can refer to an additional paper chart if needed. This is a preferable option for larger designs so you can easily switch to stitch a different area. The Renaissance Dancer and the Deco Diver make rewarding projects to get stuck into. They are worked in cross stitch using crewel wool and are also suitable for experimenting with other needlepoint stitches.

The Best Large Tapestry Kits
The Appletons Wild Things range are the largest kits available. The canvas count is slightly smaller than the rest but worked in continental tent stitch or basket weave stitch the amount of stitching hours evens out. They make the most beautiful cushions so it's well worth all the work! These are the prefect kits if you want to get stuck into an epic and rewarding project.
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