an art deco inspired tapestry kit, stitched using wool onto a printed canvas

What are the Benefits of Stitching?

Just like we need to exercise to look after our bodies we need to do the same for the brain as well. With the rise in mental health problems, burnout and stress are effecting more and more people. It’s important now more than ever. The modern day lifestyle makes it harder and harder for us to switch off and disconnect from things that cause us stress. We rarely give our brains time to rest so there is a craving for a more mindful approach; making a mind body connection is so important for our mental well being.

Learning a new skill or developing a skill such as stitching is a great way to challenge the brain in a different way. There are so many distractions in life and concentrating on one task can improve your focus, keep your brain sharp and improve your memory. Stitching is basically exercise for the brain!

The slow nature of stitching allows the brain to become calm and to relax. You can concentrate on breathing and it brings you into the present moment to become a type of meditation. With exercise and mediation put together, they make a great recipe for releasing endorphins! Endorphins are shown to improve motivation, mood and brain function. As well as making you feel happy, they also act as a pain reliever.

When you’re doing something enjoyable and being creative it’s a great way to boost your self esteem. Finishing a project and reaching a goal will give you a tremendous sense of achievement. No matter what size the project is, you will get an immense feeling of pleasure and satisfaction once it’s finished.

So why not give it a go, get stitch happy with a tapestry kit today!

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